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The Tribunal 1918 headline

The Tribunal, the newsletter of the No-Conscription Fellowship, from 1918.

The front pages reads: Do you know that over 4,000 men are either in prison or in penal settlements because they have stood by their principles and have fought conscription to the very end?
That 236 men have been in prison 9 months.
That 223 men have been in prison 12 months.
That 161 men have been in prison 15 months.
That 67 men have been in prison 18 months.
Because believing militarism to be the enemy of mankind, they refuse to obey military orders, or to take part in war?
That over 1,000 trade unionists are amongst those being penalised and persecuted for their principles?
If you know, what are you going to do?

The copyright situation for material produced by the No-Conscription Fellowship has long been unclear, as the organisation dissolved itself in 1919. If you believe that you own the copyright for any of this material, please contact us. 

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